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Art on Attire™: we provide our original artwork on t-shirts

Art on Attire™ is a London, UK-based independent fashion retailer. We specialise in printing our detailed, original, funky artwork onto 100% cotton t-shirts.  

Our quality t-shirts are loved by dancers, performers and fitness enthusiasts, as they are eye catching, comfortable, soft to the touch and easy to move in.  Art lovers, t-shirt enthusiasts and fashionistas also enjoy our art t-shirts.

We have Alice in Wonderland inspired t-shirts, as well as Japan-inspired and nature-themed t-shirt collections.  Our t-shirts make fantastic gifts for people who enjoy Japanese art, dress and culture.  Our t-shirts also cater for nature lovers, animal lovers and Alice in Wonderland fans, as well as performers, gym goers, athletes and holidaymakers.

Be a walking art show with Art on Attire™!

Women's t-shirts

Find all our women's t-shirts here: https://artonattire.co.uk/collections/womens-t-shirts

Men's t-shirts

All our men's t-shirts are here: https://artonattire.co.uk/collections/mens-t-shirts

Vintage Alice in Wonderland art t-shirt collections

 Our vintage Alice in Wonderland t-shirt collections feature our Alice-themed pencil drawings.  Our drawings have been inspired by Lewis Carroll's sketches, in the children's book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (authored by John Tenniel).   Our retro illustrations of the white rabbit, Mad Hatter, Alice and the 'Drink Me' bottle, as well as a puppy, pig, flamingo and dodo that Alice encounters will transport you to Wonderland! 

Find our Alice in Wonderland t-shirts here:

For women: https://artonattire.co.uk/collections/womens-alice-in-wonderland-t-shirt-collection

For men: https://artonattire.co.uk/collections/mens-alice-in-wonderland-t-shirt-collection

Japan-inspired art t-shirt collections

Our Japanese-style t-shirt collections have been inspired by a trip to Tokyo, Japan.  These t-shirts showcase our paintings of Japanese men wearing traditional Japanese clothing, and Japanese women wearing kimonos.  These collections also include Japanese-style calligraphy script that we have painted.  These t-shirts showcase Oriental and Far East/ East Asian culture and clothes.

Find our Japanese-style t-shirts here:

For women: https://artonattire.co.uk/collections/womens-japan-inspired-t-shirt-collection

For men: https://artonattire.co.uk/collections/mens-japan-inspired-t-shirts

Nature-inspired art t-shirt collections

Our nature-inspired t-shirt collections features our striking paintings of palm trees, beaches and ducks.  Our t-shirt featuring fish and a coral reef depicts an underwater scene, ocean and marine life - perfect for sea lovers everywhere!

Find our nature-themed t-shirts here:

For women: https://artonattire.co.uk/collections/womens-nature-inspired-collection

For men: https://artonattire.co.uk/collections/mens-nature-inspired-t-shirt-collection

Contact Us

Freephone telephone number: 0800 211 8328

Email address: info@artonattire.co.uk

Address: Art on Attire, PO Box 2785, Surrey, CR7 9DR