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About Us

 Art on Attire™ woven label attached to a neckline of a cotton t-shirt


Art on Attire™ is a London-based independent fashion retailer in the UK.  We specialise in printing our original, detailed, funky artwork onto 100% cotton t-shirts.  

Born out of our love of art and dance, Art on Attire™ emerged, as a means of equipping dancers (both male and female) with eye catching, colourful prints emblazoned across their t-shirts.  Art on Attire™ t-shirts can enhance any performance or audition.  Our t-shirts are eye catching, comfortable, easy to move in and soft to the touch- indeed great for dance and fitness.  We believe that every dancer is unique, and that possessing our fashion wear heightens that uniqueness.  Of course, our t-shirts are also suitable for general wear, and art lovers also enjoy our t-shirts.

We have created Alice in Wonderland, Japan-inspired and nature-inspired t-shirt collections for you to enjoy.  Please find all our t-shirts here:

Women's t-shirts: https://artonattire.co.uk/collections/womens-t-shirts

Men's t-shirts: https://artonattire.co.uk/collections/mens-t-shirts


Our ethics

At Art on Attire™, we value taking care of people and the environment.  For example, our business cards are 100% recyclable (but we want you to keep them rather then dispose of them - they are so pretty!)  The jewellery gift boxes that we sell our jewellery in is made from 99% recycled box board and paper cover.  Our jewellery gift boxes are recyclable after use, but we hope that you'll retain them for their beauty and functionality!  The non-tarnish cotton inserts in our jewellery boxes have also been recycled.  Moreover, the inks that have been used to print our Art on Attire™ logo onto our jewellery gift boxes are water based.


Be a walking art show with Art on Attire™!


Intellectual Property notice:

Art on Attire™'s original product designs and artwork, which have been designed and executed by Art on Attire™, are registered with the UK government's Intellectual Property Office. 

Art on Attire™ created the trading name Art on Attire™, and own the copyright of this trading name.  Our business' trading name is registered with the National Business Register. 

Art on Attire™ designed the Art on Attire™ logo (in portrait and landscape orientation).