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About Us



Art on Attire™ is a London/ Surrey based independent fashion retailer that has been set up with support from The Prince's Trust (please see below for more information about this).

We specialise in printing our original, detailed, eye catching artwork onto t-shirts.  We also make quirky, beautiful ceramic jewellery (which are also works of art) for your delight.

Born out of our love of art and dance, Art on Attire™ emerged, as a means of equipping dancers (both male and female) with eye catching, colourful prints emblazoned across their t-shirts.  Our t-shirts are comfortable and easy to move in- great for dance, fitness and general wear.  We will soon be selling tote bags with our artwork printed on them, that are great for carrying dance and fitness-related goods in them (such as towels, water bottles, snacks and personal stereos), as well as general everyday items.  We believe that every dancer is unique, and that possessing our fashion wear enhances that uniqueness.

In keeping with our love of art and fashion, as mentioned we also design and hand-make ceramic jewellery, that we paint by hand. Ceramic jewellery is not widely available (e.g. on the high street), so if you want quirky, unusual, unique and beautiful jewellery that not everyone possesses, you have come to the right place! Our ceramic brooches can be worn on special occasions, or simply for everyday wear. Why not wear our brooches on jackets, coats, jumpers, cardigans- and even bags!

Set up with support from The Prince's Trust

Armed with a business idea, Art on Attire™ attended The Prince's Trust's Enterprise (business start-up) programme in London a few years ago.  Along with lots of our hard work and many other sources of start-up information that we have sought out and utilised, The Prince's Trust's support has helped us to deliver our products into your hands!  So much was The Prince's Trust's belief in our work, that they awarded us with a (highly sought-after) grant to help with setting up our business.

Our ethics

At Art on Attire™, we value taking care of people and the environment.  For example, our business cards are 100% recyclable (but we want you to keep them rather then dispose of them - they are so pretty!)  The jewellery gift boxes that we sell our jewellery in is made from 99% recycled box board and paper cover.  Our jewellery gift boxes are recyclable after use, but we hope that you'll retain them for their beauty and functionality!  The non-tarnish cotton inserts in our jewellery boxes have also been recycled.  Moreover, the inks that have been used to print our Art on Attire™ logo onto our jewellery gift boxes are water based.


 Art on Attire™'s original product designs and artwork, which have been designed and executed by Art on Attire™, are registered with the UK government's Intellectual Property Office.  This organisation protects the copyright of our designs, and has issued us with unique registration numbers for our designs. 

Art on Attire™ created the trading name Art on Attire™, and own the copyright of this trading name.  For years we have registered our business' trading name with the National Business Register, who protect our trading name against being copied ('passing off') by any other business, company or brand. 

Art on Attire™ designed the Art on Attire™ logo (in portrait and landscape orientation), and have legally binding documentation that proves that we designed our logo, and when, and that we own the copyright of our logo.