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Women's dodo t-shirt Alice in Wonderland UK

Art on Attire™

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Women's dodo t-shirt Alice in Wonderland UK - Art on Attire™
Women's dodo t-shirt Alice in Wonderland UK - Art on Attire™
Women's dodo t-shirt Alice in Wonderland UK - Art on Attire™
Women's dodo t-shirt Alice in Wonderland UK - Art on Attire™
Women's dodo t-shirt Alice in Wonderland UK - Art on Attire™

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Women's dodo t-shirt


Product code: WADS

Colour: White


Inspired by the Alice in Wonderland story, this vintage printed dodo t-shirt features Art on Attire™'s pencil drawing of Alice and a dodo that she meets in Wonderland. Inspired by artist John Tenniel's original artwork in the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, authored by Lewis Carroll 

Feminine cut dodo t-shirt: tapered slightly at the waist, slightly tapered neck and shoulders

Quality, long-lasting fade resistant DTG artwork print on t-shirt. Dodo t-shirt printed in the UK

Original print on front of dodo t-shirt.  Back of dodo t-shirt: plain

Excellent quality 100% ringspun cotton dodo tee. Dodo t-shirt made of breathable fabric

Comfortable and easy to move in dodo shirt (great for dance, fitness and general wear)

Soft to the touch dodo tee

Crew neck dodo t-shirt

Short sleeved dodo shirt

Machine washable dodo shirt


Women's dodo t-shirt sizes available: 


  • S (UK women's dress size 8-10)

  • M (UK 10-12) 

  • L (UK 12-14)

  • XL (UK 14-16)

  • XXL (UK 18-20)


If unsure about which size dodo t-shirt to buy, it is advisable to purchase the next size up, as this t-shirt is fitted rather than loose fitting.


Materials of women's dodo t-shirt:

100% Ringspun cotton dodo t-shirt, 144gsm


Care instructions for women's dodo t-shirt:

Do not rub print on dodo t-shirt

Wash dodo t-shirt on the hand wash, or wool wash setting in a washing machine:

Wash dodo tee inside out

Use gentle laundry liquid to wash dodo t-shirt

Cool iron dodo shirt inside out

Do not dry clean dodo tee

Do not bleach dodo t-shirt

Do not tumble dry dodo shirt


Be a walking art show with Art on Attire™!

Art on Attire™'s copyright of the drawing on this dodo t-shirt is registered with, and protected by the UK Government's Intellectual Property Office (IPO).

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About the dodo in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

The dodo is a fictional character that appears in chapters 2 and 3 in the novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  The dodo is a caricature of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, the author of the book; the name of the character (Dodo) comes from the way that Dodgson's stutter caused him to pronounce his own last name as "Do-Do-Dodgson". 

In chapter 3, The Dodo goes on a boating expedition with the Lory bird, Eaglet bird and Duck.  This boat trip is in reference to the real boat journey that Dodgson took on 4th July 1862, with three little girls (one of them named Alice) and a Reverend; it was during this boat journey that Dodgson initially told the real life Alice the story of Alice in Wonderland, that he had created.  Alice enjoyed the story and asked Dodgson to transcribe it; this led to Dodgson creating the book Alice in Wonderland. 

Just as the Dodo in the book is Dodgson's self-parody, the other birds in the story's boat trip represented the people that Dodgson took his original boat trip with.  The Lory bird was a caricature of Alice's sister Lorina, the Eaglet bird represented Alice's sister Edith, and the Duck represented the Reverend Robinson Duckworth.

In the novel, following the Dodo's boat trip, the Dodo washes up on a river bank, with Alice and a number of other birds, after having fallen into a Pool of Tears.  To dry off, the Dodo suggests that everyone runs a Caucus Race, in such a way that everyone wins.  After the race, Alice gives out comfits (dried fruits, spices/ seeds and nuts coated in sugar candy) that she has as prizes, but this leaves no prize for her.  When the Dodo asks Alice what else she has in her pocket, Alice reveals that she only has a thimble.  The Dodo then asks it from Alice, and awards Alice it as her prize.


About the dodo bird:

The dodo is an extinct bird, that had wings but was unable to fly.  The dodo was found in woodlands on the coast of Mauritius, an island of the Indian Ocean.  The dodo was of the family of doves and pigeons.  Larger than a turkey, fossils indicate that the dodo was about 3ft 3 in (1 metre) tall, and weighed around 10 - 23kg (23- 50 lb).  The dodo produced a single egg in its clutch.

Historic artwork depictions of the dodo suggest that its plumage was a bluish, brownish grey, that it had stout yellow feet, and a tuft of curly tail feathers on its rear.  The dodo had a relatively large head, that was grey and bald.  Its beak was green, yellow and black, roughly 23cm (9 inches) long, with a hooked tip.  The dodo's wings were relatively small. 

The dodo was first seen by sailors who travelled to Mauritius in the 1500s.  The dodo was hunted by sailors and animal species that they introduced to its environment.  This and human's destruction of the dodo's habitat led to the extinction of the bird by the end of the 17th century.

Plenty of dodo subfossil material has been collected from a swamp in Mauritius, and some dodo heads and skeletons currently exist in museums in Mauritius, Europe and the USA.

The dodo became well-known by being featured in the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  For many people, the dodo has come to represent the extinction of animal species. 

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